The Sixth International Symposium on

Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments

28 November - 1 December 2003
Academic Building, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kowloon, Hong Kong

ISMTII 2003 List of Accepted Papers for Publication

I. Measurement for Advanced Materials: Devices, Novel Techniques and Applications

Laser Scattering Measurement of Microdefects on Silicon Oxide Wafer
T. Ha, T. Miyoshi, Y. Takaya and S. Takahashi
Characterisation of Surface Properties by a Multi-Function TPM
X.P. Liu and J. Zhang
Development of an Evanescent Light Measurement System for Si Wafer Microdefect Detection
S. Takahashi, R. Nakajima, T. Miyoshi, Y. Takaya and K. Takamasu
An Embedded FBG Sensor for Dynamic Strain Measurement for a Clamped-Clamped Composite Structure
H.Y. Ling, K.T. Lau, L. Cheng, J. Wei, R.S. Thomson and M.L. Scott
A Thermovision Method for Studying Deformation Kinetics of Materials and Structure Elements
E.S. Lukin and A.M. Ivanov
Damage Detection of Composite Structures Using Dynamic Analysis
L.H. Yam, L. Cheng, Z. Wei and Y.J. Yan
Investigation of Nonisothermal Crystallization Behaviors of Poly and Silica Nanocomposites Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
L.X. Kong and Z. Peng
Ellipsometric Detection of Transitional Surface Structures on Decapped GaAs(001)
A.V. Vasev and S.I. Chikichev
Temperature Effect on the Stability of CuO Nanofluids Based on Measured Particle Distribution
H. Chang, C.H. Lo, T.T. Tsung, Y.Y. Cho, D.C. Tien, L.C. Chen and C.H. Thai
Determination of Young’s Modulus of Micromechanical Silicon Films Using an Acoustic Excitation and Optical Detection Resonance Method
Y.M. Liu, W.J. Tian and S.J. Zhang

II. Micro and Nano Measurement: Devices, Novel Techniques, Characteristics and Applications

A High Precision AFM for Nanometrology of Large Area Micro-Structured Surfaces
J. Aoki, W. Gao, S. Kiyono and T. Ono
A Study on the Mechanism of a New High Speed Scanning Miniature Nano-Measurement Probe
K.C. Fan and Y.J. Chen
Use of Fiber Interferometer for AFM Cantilever Probe Displacement Control
N.C. Shie, T.L. Chen and K.Y. Cheng
Determining the Radial Modulus of DNA Measured by VPSFM
Y.H. Chen, X.J. Li, X.F. Zhou, J.L. Sun, W.H. Huang and J. Hu
Pitch Calibration by an Active Temperature Controlled Traceable Atomic Force Microscope and a Laser Diffractometer
C.J. Chen, S.P. Pan and L.C. Chang
Micro-Force Calibration with an All-Coil Magnetic Levitation
S.W. Hsu and T.L. Chen
Effect of Residual Stresses on a Micromachined Z-Axis Vibrating Rate Gyroscope
A.P. Qiu, Y. Su, S.R. Wang and B.L. Zhou
A Measurement System for Step Imprint Lithography
H.Z. Liu, B.H. Lu, Y.C. Ding, D.C. Li, Y.P. Tang and T. Jin
Design and Simulation of a DETF for Use in a Resonant Gyroscope
Y.L. Zhu, S.R. Wang and A.P. Qiu
Micro Angle Measurement for a Scanning Stage
Q.G. Liu, M. Li, D.C. Li, Z.G. Li and X.T. Hu
Defocusing Detection of Geometric Sizes in Micro-Machining
X.H. Qu, X.H. Zhao and S.H. Ye

III. Biomedical and Environmental Measurement: Novel Designs and Applications

A Biological Sensor for Detecting Foreign Bodies Using a Balloon Probe
H. Shimizu, S. Kiyono, W. Gao and H. Shoji
A Resonant Frequency Measurement System for Osseointegration Trans-Femoral Implant
W. Xu, F. Shao and D. Ewins
Innovative 3D Dental Measurement for Tooth Model Restoration
L.C. Chen and Z.Q. Xu
An Intelligent CO2 Sensor for Private Homes
M. Gürtner, N. Neumann and F. Schneider

IV. Optical Precision Measurement: Devices, Novel Techniques, Characteristics and Applications

A Hybrid Optical Correlator Used as an Intelligent Instrument
S. Chang and C.P. Grover
A Mobile Shearography System for Non-Destructive Testing of Industrial and Artwork Components
M. Kalms and W. Jueptner
A High Precision Three-Dimensional Optical Sensor Using Fourier Transform Profilometry
H.Y. Sung, L.F. Tien, C.Y. Lin, C.Y. Lo, Y.R. Lin, Y.M. Lin and T.H. Tao
Development and Verification of a Confocal Fabry-Perot Interferometer for Broad Band Ultrasound Detection
J.H. Shaw, J.Y. Lee, L.H. Chow and H.C. Shih
Laser Feedback Interferometers Based on Orthogonally Polarized He-Ne Lasers
S.L. Zhang and Y.C. Ding
A Two-Color Heterodyne Interferometer Based on Diffraction Grating for Displacement Measurement
G.H. Wu, Z.J. Cai and L.J. Zeng
A New Method for the Development of Frequency Standards for the Optical Wavelength Range of 243nm
E.K. Izrailov and V.F. Ezhov
Optical Measurement Technologies and Systems for Industrial Applications
Y.V. Chugui
Influence of the Size of Round Objects on the Output Signal of Laser Measuring Scanner
R. Jablonski
A Study on the Multi-Wavelength Drop Analysis Technology
G. Hao, Z.R. Qiu, G.X. Zhang and A.P. Zhang
Accurate Estimation of Phase Distribution on Reference Plane in Grating Projection Measurement
M.R. Zhao, Y.C. Lin, X.B. Niu and D.M. Cheng
Measurement of Core Position of Fiber Array by a Calibrated Mask Method
S.W. Hsu, Y.D. Jiaan and M.S. Huang
Detection of Random Defects on Highly Reflective and Complex Surfaces
X.H. Qu, Y. He, G.X. Jia, J.M. Ding and S.H. Ye
Automatic Laser Monitoring for Dam Safety
K.D. Yue, X. Zhou and J. Gao
An Application of the Kalman Filter in a Laser Tracking Measurement System
X.R. Chen, P. Cai and W.K. Shi

V. Form Error, Displacement and Angle Measurement: Devices, Novel Techniques and Applications

A Scanning Multi-Probe Straightness Measurement System for Alignment of Linear Collider Accelerator
W. Gao, J. Yokoyama, S. Kiyono and N. Hitomi
Measurement of the Straightness of a Leadscrew-Driven Precision Stage
Y. Arai, W. Gao, S. Kiyono and T. Kuriyagawa
A Circular Profile Measurement Method Using Software Techniques
E. Okuyama and K. Mitsui
A High Precision Circuit Based on Digital Techniques for Roundness Measurement
W.Q. Zhao, J.B. Tan, Z. Xue and Z.D. Feng
A Circle Contour Measurement Technique Based on Randomized Hough Transform Using Gradient Information
J.W. Cui and J.B. Tan
A Coaxiality Measurement Method for Hole Using Non-Diffracting Beam Technology
X.B. Zhang, X.Q. Jiang and Z. Li
Effects of Rotation Angle on the Circular Test of Geometric Errors
H.L. Liu
Theoretical Analysis and Basic Experiments for the 3D Displacement Measurement Using Ring-Shaped Laser Beam
S. Usuki, K. Enami, M. Hiraki, S. Takahashi and K. Takamasu
High Resolution Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Systems Using Pulse Compression and Their Applications
H. Schweinzer and H. Elmer
A Multi-Range Fiber-Optical Non-Contact Displacement Micrometer
G.J. Hwang and W.H. Ko
A Study of the Deformation Measurement of 3D Displacement Field
S.R. Lee, Z.S. Luo, H.S. Qiu, B.G. Wang and L.S. Liu
A Displacement Sensor Based on Differential Frequency Measurement
D.L. Peng, X.H. Zhang and X.K. Liu
Development of a Sensitive Probe for Coordinate Measuring Machines
M. Watanabe and R. Furutani
A Portable 3D Vision Coordinate Measurement System Using a Light Pen
S.G. Liu, K. Peng, F.S. Huang, G.X. Zhang and P. Li
A High Precision Dynamic Autocollimator
M.Z. Shen and S. Liao
Three-Dimensional Slit Width Measurement for Long Precision Slot Dies
M. Furukawa, W. Gao, H. Shimizu, S. Kiyono, M. Yasutake and K. Takahashi
Comprehensive Inspection of Geometric Parameters of Running Freight Car Wheel Pairs
A.N. Baybakov, V.M. Gurenko, S.P. Yunoshev, S.V. Plotnikov, V.V. Sotnikov and K.P. Kascheev
A New Method for the Measurement of Dynamic Angular Errors of a Photoelectric Shaft Encoder
X.D. Cao, T.Q. Fan and L.H. Geng
Dynamic Measurement of Bearing Radial Clearances
Y.X. Chen and S.N. Yang
Detection and Control of Synchro-Operation of Long-Stroke Cylinders in a Deep Ocean Mining Heave Compensation System
B.H. Wu, T.B. Xiao, D.P. Zou and J.J. Long

VI. On-Line and In-Process Measurement: Novel Techniques, Characteristics and Applications

An Ultraprecision On-Machine Measurement System
H. Ohmori, Y. Watanabe, W. Lin, K. Katahira and T. Suzuki
Process Analysis and Characterization of ASNSS Using Automatic On-Line Measurement
L.C. Chen, J.Y. Sun, T.T. Tsung, H. Chang and H.M. Lin
A Plastic Film Thickness On-Line Detecting System
Y.Z. Ma, S.H. Ye, F. Duan and Y. Zheng
A Real-Time and On-Line Visual System for Seamless Steel Pipe Linearity Measurement
C.J. Liu, X.Y. Yang, J.G. Zhu and S.H. Ye
A Structured-Light-Based On-Line 3D Measurement System and Software Development
X.Y. Yu, F.B. Zhang, H.J. Yuan and Z.G. Lang
Effects of Key Parameters on the Performance of a New In-Process Optical Measurement Method
Z. Tao and Y. Gao
Anti-Vibration Characteristics of a Lateral Shear Interferometer for On-Machine Surface Measurement
X. Liu, Y. Gao, S. To and W.B. Lee
Application of Wavelet Analysis for Online Measurement of Crude Oils
X. Li, Z.L. Ding and F. Yuan
On-Line Industrial 3D Measurement Techniques for Large Volume Objects
J.G. Zhu, S.H. Ye, X.Y. Yang, X.H. Qu, C.J. Liu and B. Wu

VII. Micro and Nano Surface Metrology: Characterization, Novel Designs and Techniques and Applications

Advances in Micro and Nano-Scale Surface Metrology
L. Blunt, X. Jiang and P.J. Scott
2D and 3D Surface Texture Comparisons Using Autocorrelation Functions
J. Song, L. Ma, E. Whitenton and T. Vorburger
Spline Filters for Surface Texture Analysis
M.P. Krystek
Web-Based Virtual Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation Software Development for 3D Surface Topography
C. Anthony, L. Ma and J. Zhou
Texture Extraction and Identification of 3D Engineering Surfaces
W. Zeng, X. Jiang, Y. Gao and T. Xie
Combination of M-Estimation and Gaussian Filtering for Characterizing 3D Engineering Surfaces
H.F. Li, X.Q. Jiang and Z. Li
A Comparative Study of the Current 3D Motif Combination Methods
J. Guo, Y. Gao and T. Xie
A New Three-Dimensional Profilometer for Surface Profile Measurement Using Digital Fringe Projection and Phase Shifting
L.C. Chen, S.H. Tsai and K.C. Fan
A Two-Dimensional Surface Profile Imaging Technique Based on Heterodyne Interferometer
K.W. Wang, Z.J. Cai and L.J. Zeng
A Laser Sensor Technique for Measuring 3D Surfaces Based on the Polarized Heterodyne Astigmatic Principle
L.R. Qiu and X.M. Ding
Development of a Large Range Nanometer Level Profilometer with Controlled Contact Force
L. Yang, Y. Gao, X. Wang and T. Xie
Instantaneous Measurement of 3D Profiles by Grey Code Grating
A.L. Tian, B. Li, M.T. Huang and Z.D. Jiang
A 3D Profile Parallel Detecting System Based on Differential Confocal Microscopy
Y.H. Wang, X.F. Yu and Y.T. Fei
Artificial Life for Pavement Distress Survey
Q. Wang and H. Zhang

VIII. Flow and Thermal Measurement: Characterization, Novel Sensors and Applications

Detection of Vortex Frequency in Gas Flow with Ultrasound
V. Hans and C. Filips
Design, CFD Investigation and Implementation of a Novel Diverter Mechanism for Water Flow Measurement
Y.L. Ho, J.Y. Chen, J.H. Shaw and C.T. Yang
Determination of the Jetting Force of a Jet Actuator
L. Zhao, S.X. Yang and H. Ren
Performance Characterization of Pressure Sensors Using an Improved Pressure Square Wave Generator
T.T. Tsung, L.L. Han, L.C. Chen and H. Chang
A High Sensitivity Pressure Sensing System with Fiber Bragg Grating Using the Transverse Strain Characteristics of a Straight Bourdon Tube
M.X. Jiao, E.G. Zhao, Y.M. Liu and R.L. Qi
A Polarized Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor with a Sampling Reference Optical Path
Y.Q. Huang, Y.X. Lin, Z.L. Huang, L.M. Zhu and Y.M. Chen
A New Sensing System for Dynamic Pressure Measurement under Severe Conditions
Z.T. Wu, Q.S. Wang and Z.D. Jiang
An Ultra-Precision Air-Pin Sensor and its Dynamic Characteristics
H. Zhang, S.X. Deng, H.Q. Wang and S. Chen
An Automatic Sorting System Based on Pneumatic Measurement
Y.H. Wang, S.Q. Hu and Y. Hu
An Optical Fiber Temperature Sensor Based on Spectrum Measurement
Z.G. Li and B.G. Wang
A White Light Interference Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Sensor
X. Zhou, J. Gong, Y. Liu and J. Zhou

IX. Sensing Systems, Mechanical and Physical Quantity Measurement: Novel Designs, Characteristics and Novel Techniques

A Novel Non-Gyro Inertial Measurement Unit
M. Ding, Q. Wang, G. Shen, L. Hong and P. Zhao
Design of an Intelligent Multi-Gyro Measurement Device
J.P. Wang, W. Zhou, W.F. Tian and Z.H. Jin
An X-Y Stage with a Plane Cross Grating Metrology System
X. Wang, Y. Gao, J. Guo and T. Xie
A Fast Search Coil Sensing Method for Tracking Systems
Z.J. Cai and L.J. Zeng
Design of a Two-Degree of Freedom Beating Machine
S.L. Zhang and L.J. Zeng
Evaluation of Thrust Force and Positioning Accuracy of a New Linear Motor
X. Chen, K. Takamasu and M. Nikaidou
Intelligence and Metrological Reliability of Measuring Transducers Built in Equipment
R. Taymanov and K. Sapozhnikova
Measurement of Finishing Errors for Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of NC Machine Tools
S.C. Kim, C.H. Lee and B.H. Lee
Evaluation of Dynamic Parameters for Underdamped Grinding Machines
Y. Gao and S. Tse
Measurement and Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of a High Speed Painting Automizor
Z. Yang, Y. Gao, T. Huang and D. Zhang
Combination of ICA and SOM for Classification of Machine Condition Patterns
S.X. Yang, W.D. Jiao and Z.T. Wu
Observation of Scattered Evanescent Waves
M. Ozaki and R. Furutani
Electromagnetic Field Analysis and Measurement for High Speed Attraction Type Magnetic Levitation Vehicle Systems
D.X. Chen, M.C. Pan, F.L. Luo, Z.W. Kang, W.G. Tian And Y.Y. Hu
A DDS Waveform Generator for Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Testing
X.H. Cao, F.L. Luo , F.T. Bai and Y.H. Zhang
Eddy Current Testing Using a Model Based Measurement Method
F.L. Luo, Y.Y. Hu and Z.W. Kang
Power System Frequency Tracking Using an Adaptive Lattice Notch Filter
S. Zhang, D. Li and J. Sun

X. Data, Signal and Image Processing for Precision Measurement: Novel Techniques and Applications

A Least Square Method for Measurement and Optimisation in Selected Physical Experiments
I. Frollo, P. Andris, I. Strolka and L. Bačiak
3D Digital Measurement of Large Scale Objects Based on Viscous Target
B. Wu, J.G. Zhu, X.Y. Yang, T. Xue and S.H. Ye
Surface Reconstruction Based on Laser Scan Data
Y.P. Luo, Z.D. Jiang, B. Li and Y.G. Wang
Improving Measurement Accuracy Using Image Super-Resolution
D.S.H. Ling, H.Y. Hsu, G.C.I. Lin and S.H. Lee
Digital Image Processing for a Liquid Signature Analyzer System with CCD Camera
H.X. Chen, Z.R. Qiu and G.X. Zhang
Sub-Pixel Edge Detection for Precision Measurement Based on Canny Criteria
S.H. Xie, Q. Liao and S.R. Qin
An Application of the Fractal Theory in the Design of Heat Sink for Precision Measurement Instrument
S.R. Lee, Z.G. Li, B.G. Wang and H.S. Chiou
Online Calibration for a Stereo Vision Measurement System
Z.J. Yu, S.Y. Ma, R.S. Che, Q.Z. Wang, W. Tian, Z.H. Li and J.Z. Li
A New Ellipse Recognition Algorithm for CCD Camera
C. Sun, X. Zhang, Z. Wang and S. Ye
A Rapid Calibration Method for the Laser Scanning 3D Measurement System
Z. Xu, L. Tao, C. Sun and Y. Zheng
Error Evaluation of Aspheric Surfaces and Calibration of the Test Instrument
Q. Hao, Q.D. Zhu and Y.T. Wang
Order Tracking Filtering for Rotating Machinery Diagnosis Based on Zero Phase Distortion Digital Filtering
S. Qin and Y. Guo
An Application of the AGC Technology for Sensor Signal Processing
X.K. Liu, D.L. Peng, X.H. Zhang and X.H. Cheng

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